Solent Creatives is a creative agency like no other.

What is Solent Creatives?

Solent Creatives was established in early 2011, and has since cemented its place as the Number One Creative Agency for students in the UK.

What do we do?

Solent Creatives provides a unique opportunity for businesses and private clients to tap into a diverse talent pool of students studying at Southampton Solent University for creative freelance assignments.

Our students’ skills span a wide variety of disciplines. From graphic and website design to photography; branding and identity to journalism; screenwriting to public relations; video production to make-up and hair design, and much more!

Working closely with both students and employers, one-by-one, we carefully match our clients with the perfect students for the job based on their particular skillsets and talents.

As a result, we are able to help the client attain stunning results with a professional approach. All the while, students are able to develop their skills and grow their portfolios and career prospects through hands-on experience.

How can you get involved?

There really is something to suit every business, and plenty of opportunities for students. So why not register with the UK’s top agency today? Just follow the links below to register, or give us a call to see what we can do for you.

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