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Photographer needed for fashion photoshoot (FANF01)

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The client is a local designer who produced a business model surrounding the design of a dress. The model and processes were documented in a book, which the client is looking to promote.


The client is looking for a fashion photographer to conduct a photoshoot to capture the dresses.
The photos will be used on social media, on an upcoming website and an ebook.

Using the studio at university would be a good start but outside shoots would be a good idea too. When you meet the client you can discuss ideas.

The client is coming in on Thursday 30th November, if you are free to meet up, although this can be pushed back if required. And they would like the shoot to be in the week commencing 18th December if possible.


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Published on 27/11/2017
Application deadline: 08/12/2017
Project start date: 18/12/2017
Project deadline: TBC