What Services are Available?

The list of services offered by Solent Creatives spans to over 50 areas of expertise – a true reflection of the massive student talent pool studying at the University. With an unrivalled enthusiasm and high understanding of their individual industries, our students are highly capable of applying their skills to businesses and individuals of any size. Our most popular services are listed below followed by a full list of disciplines.

Design and Imagery

Branding and Identity

Are you a new company looking for a logo and brand identity? Perhaps you are established but looking to revamp your logo or launch a new service? Strong branding is often the most important part of a business and our students will work closely with you to create the perfect logo and brand guidelines for your requirements.

Graphic Design

From brochures to business cards and posters to pop up banners, if you are after a design to reflect your brand, our students can deliver! Whatever the media, let our creative students loose on your brief and witness first hand the stunning results which can be created!


Looking for something a bit different? Perhaps you’re after a budding cartoonist, children’s illustrator or someone with an eye for detailed line art? Look no further! With an award winning team of staff and large array of facilities available, students can work in either 2D or 3D to produce illustrations which will make your business stand out from the crowd.


Are your staff photos a little dated? Do you need a creative, enthusiastic photographer for a big event? Photography is an integral part of a companies public image, and as the cliché goes – a picture is worth a thousand words! Working with Solent students for your photography requirements ensures a professional, creative result.

Web Design

With many companies operating solely online, and with technology advancing at an ever-increasing pace, having a strong web presence is a must for any company in the digital age. With a strong knowledge of web design standards, search engine optimisation, web development practices and an ability to think with a business’ target audience in mind, our students are at the cutting edge of online technologies and eager to use their skills for real-world clients.

Film, Animation and Media


Taught by award winning staff and held in high regard by the industry, students on the animation course at Southampton Solent University work with the latest applications and equipment to produce incredible animations encompassing stop motion, drawn or digital moving images. A great way to make any professional video stand out against competitors.

Music Composition and Production

With several courses geared at the music industry, and Southampton’s highly established musical background, our music students are ideally placed to assist with any composition or production requirements. Whether for a radio advertising jingle or promotional video soundtrack – our students can write, record and produce a solution for any business.

Recorded Sound: Voiceovers/podcasts

Do you have a promotional video which requires voiceovers, or perhaps you want to produce a series of podcasts? Cutting edge recording facilities and a strong course programme ensure that our students can produce crystal clear recordings to deliver your message the way you want.


Not quite on the level of George Lucas (but not far off!), our students can transform a brief into an exciting, engaging script for radio, TV or film. They can even record and produce it for you as well!

Studio Production Support

From production assistants to make up and wardrobe, our students can apply their skillsets to any area of studio production support – if you need assistance on set, then get in touch and see how we can help!

Video Production and Editing

Having previously worked with local retailers, music producers, performance groups and musicians, our film production students have a fantastic understanding of the industry and the latest techniques and developments.

Marketing and Public Relations

Advertising Campaign Development

are you looking to raise awareness of your business through a targeted advertising campaign? Our advertising students can put together an advertising strategy with a full breakdown of dates, target audiences and media – we can even design the advertising material for the campaign!

Marketing Campaigns

Looking to develop a whole marketing strategy? Perhaps you are a start up seeking assistance on establishing yourself in the market, or maybe you are launching a new product and require support? Let our students help you in creating a bespoke marketing campaign incorporating mixed media platforms – ideal to get your business out there!

Professional Writing

Is your website text in need of an overhaul? Perhaps you are thinking of starting an online blog or have a brochure or leaflet that requires content? Our students are specialists in creating engaging, dynamic content with your target audience in mind.


Have you written an article or content which you are unsure of, and would like a second eye? Why not let one of our highly skilled English or Journalism students give it the once-over?! With an almost obsessive eye for grammar and spelling, our students are ideally placed to assist with your proofreading requirements.

Public Relations and Communications / Media Releases

Want to shout about the great work your company has been doing? So do we! Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, our public relations and communication students are at the front line of the industry, ready to apply their skills to professional businesses.

Social Media for Marketing

Social media is the fastest growing field within marketing and public relations and our students are at the forefront of the technology. With a highly developed ability to apply social media strategy to business, our students can set you up on popular and relevant social media channels and give you full training on how best to use social media for your company.