Creative Business Start-Up

Why choose Creative Business Start-Up?

Through our Creative Business Start-Up course, you will develop a business idea,  learn how to build a business model through brain storming and testing with potential customers as well as exploring the finances of your business and ensuring its viability.

What does this unit include?

This unit gives you a deep insight into the nature of the new business models available to young entrepreneurs and how you can position a business in this fiercely competitive environment. It is presented in a visual and practical style to appeal to creative minds, encouraging group work and collaboration, as well as individual study. By working with others you can pull together your strengths to create the best business concept and test your ideas on potential customers.
The course allows you to set up a virtual business by utilising the Business Canvas Model; a global business planning tool used by organisations such as Adobe, NASA and Mastercard.

Unit Breakdown

Course Code (click to download Unit Descriptor) Level Semester Credits
CCA529 5 1 20
CCA530 5 2 20

Top three reasons why to choose this unit:

– Work with like-minded creatives to develop business ideas, competing with your course mates to come up with the best concept
– Learn globally recognised business planning techniques
– Discover what makes a good business model and test yours to prove its viability

What do other students say?

“I learnt a lot from this unit and found the Business Model Canvas to be a very useful tool to plan out a business strategy.”
Connor Goodsell, Computer and Video Games