Options at Solent Creatives

Solent Creatives offers a range of course-based options for students studying in the creative industries, in level 5 and 6

These units are aimed at teaching you the fundamental skills to work as a freelancer, set up your own small business or land your dream job upon graduating. Choosing to take one of these options will put you on the right track to work professionally in the creative industries.

For more information about the course units, please use the links below.

Creative Entrepreneurial Freelance Practice

Learn the nuts and bolts of starting your own business; including how to start trading, types of business structures, financial requirements, protecting your idea, developing your business plan and executing that all important marketing strategy – all tailored towards creative students.

For students in year: 3

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Freelancing at Solent Creatives

Work directly with clients on freelance projects to create a portfolio of work. This option will allow you to experience the real world environment and work on real life assignments with the support of our team. You will also be provided with training on website and CV building, as well as guidance on producing a personal development plan.

For students in year: 2 & 3

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Model Your Business

Work in teams to come up with the best business concept. Learn practical business planning techniques used by Adobe, NASA, Mastercard and more. Develop your business idea through creative activities and test it out with potential customers.

For students in year: 2

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Solent Press

With a focus on the publishing industry, work with real-world clients on blogs, news and publications. Work to tight deadlines to produce editorial and layout content for commercial use.

For students in year: 2 & 3

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